About the Course

Your child will have an opportunity to be coached by an NFL player and a psychotherapist during their summer vacation.

Every Monday through Friday, kids will be taught a new skill, tool, or exercise that they begin using right away. Each lesson will take place in a live webinar (and the recorded videos will be available for viewing any time).

Kids will have the opportunity to ask questions at any time. Amy and Tim will continue coaching them throughout the month so they can practice implementing the skills they’re learning every day.

Each webinar will be approximately 10 to 15 minutes long–enough time to hold kids’ attention to teach them a valuable life skill.

Each tool and mental strength exercise is a simple but effective strategy that kids can begin practicing immediately.

Each webinar will include clear strategies that will teach kids how to:

Each webinar will include tips like:
✓ Deal with uncomfortable emotions (like disappointment, sadness, and fear) in a healthy way.
✓ Deal with self-doubt.
✓ Set goals (and crush them).
✓ Face your fears.
✓ Surround yourself with people who have your best interest at stake.
✓ Build confidence
✓ Establish a clear identity that isn’t dependent upon approval from others
✓ Develop grit
✓ Bounce back from failure
✓ Manage stress

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It's time to build mental strength!
Meet Your Instructor:
Amy Morin is a licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and college psychology instructor. Her bestselling book, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, is being translated into more than 20 languages.
Meet Your Instructor:
Four years into a promising NFL career, Tim faced a serious knee injury that ended up sidelining him for three seasons as he fought ongoing infection post-surgery. What could have been seen as a career-ending situation instead fueled Tim to fight even harder to return to the sport he loved.

Off the field, he has taken his story of overcoming adversity to schools, organizations and children’s sports teams. Tim’s goal is to help young people discover a sense of purpose and develop the skills they need to be leaders of tomorrow.